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We started ShopFloor to give our clients direct access to powerful technologies developed by Zahner. ShopFloor is about putting you in control of not just the aesthetics, but also the fabrication, delivery, and costs involved.

We’re giving you the floor.

— L. William Zahner
CEO / President

Quickly Test Ideas

Photo of image upload for ShopFloor

Upload your own image and watch your design change.

Know the Costs

The price updates as you design.

Make adjustments to your design and control your price.

Get it Built

Designs can be ordered for delivery to your door.

We fabricate your design and ship the components to your door.

CloudWall, the first tool from ShopFloor

CloudWall was first developed as a glass and metal facade for the expansion of the Zahner Headquarters. We’ve re-engineered the system into a revolutionary tool that allows you to build your own facade with varied visualities. The possibilities are endless.

Try It Now

What’s Next?


StoreFront coming Spring 2014  

Generate custom glass and metal storefronts, coming soon.


ImageWall by Zahner ShopFloor based on ZIRA Technologies  

Create perforated metal panel systems from any image, coming soon.

Anything is Possible

Let us know what products you would like us to offer on ShopFloor

Tell us what you’d like to see next. Email us or Tweet @azahner.

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